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0535-2161111/2162222 jnys2004@163.com
 Yantai Jinniu Packaging Printing Co., Ltd. is a professional label printing and soft packaging printing enterprise. The company is located in Yantai area of China (Shandong) pilot free trade zone with strong economic power. The company has newly introduced advanced label printing &amp; soft packaging processing equipment, such as Japanese lindko multi-color rotary printing machine, German Xerox system multi-color rotary offset printing machine, full-automatic roll screen printing machine and multi-function die-cutting machine, slitting machine, product inspection machine, compound machine, bag making machine, etc. Meanwhile, the company also has experienced self-adhesive label printing &amp; soft packaging printing professional team And reliable quality assurance system.
The company adheres to the service tenet of "quality for survival, reputation for development", implements the principle of customer first, and provides customers with excellent quality label &amp; soft packaging products with the latest management concept and maximum profit policy. The ultimate goal of Jinniu printing is to become the most competitive label printing soft packaging supplier in the industry. A dynamic and innovative group is striving for our common goal.
The company can specially produce self-adhesive labels and soft packaging products of various specifications and materials for you. It is the best packaging partner in food, cosmetics, medicine, alcohol, beverage / condiment, health care products, electronics, chemical industry and other industries!
management idea
We are committed to every detail part, with honest management, high-quality products, highly competitive prices, and constantly improve our services, to become a printing product supplier worthy of our customers' eternal trust.
service idea
Think of what customers think, urgent customer urgent, with our sincerity and action to move customers!
major equipment
Printing: Komori folio four-color printing machine, Taiwan Wantong 6-color UV rotary full-automatic cl3022 printing machine, 230 type delongbao full-automatic computer trademark printing machine, 210 type large rise computer four-color trademark machine, barcode Zebra printer, etc.
After printing: die cutting machine, bronzing and silver stamping machine, slitting machine, Starr folding machine, beer machine, sewing machine, gluing machine, horse riding nail, hardcover, etc.
management philosophy
In the future, the competition of enterprises is mainly the competition of strength and talents: the first lifeline of enterprises is to ensure the talent reserve and enhance the corporate culture to strengthen the sense of belonging of employees; the second lifeline of enterprises is to continuously innovate products and add the latest equipment to meet the market competition.
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