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0535-2161111/2162222 jnys2004@163.com
 Yantai Jinniu printing business:
Adhesive printing: all kinds of adhesive printing, adhesive label printing;
Soft package printing: design, printing and production of all kinds of drugs and food;
Business card printing: design and printing of various business cards
Packaging printing: design and printing of all kinds of packaging boxes
Album printing: various product albums, enterprise brochures, enterprise album printing
Color page printing: all kinds of color page leaflet, color page, copperplate, sample printing
Hand bag printing: all kinds of packaging bags, handbags, hand bags, paper bags printing
Single printing: all kinds of single printing, carbon free copy, carbon free single printing
Bill printing: printing of all kinds of bills, bills, delivery notes, delivery notes and express delivery notes
Envelope printing: printing of all kinds of envelopes, letter paper and notes
Welcome new and old customers to cooperate, we will serve you wholeheartedly, looking forward to communicating with you!
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